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Advertising Info
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Information for advertisers

Place an AdBanner on RoscreaOnline

PlaceFor extra coverage, your ad can appear on specific-content pages or throughout the entire site. The ad banner is the standard banner size of 468 x 60 pixels, and can be animated or static. For a fee we can design your ad for you. For more information contact bking@roscreacu.ie

Find out if you or your competitor are listed on RoscreaOnline

FindClick for our business A to Z, to see if your company is listed here. We already have an extensive database of businesses and services in the Roscrea area. And there is no reason why your company shouldn’t benefit too.

Get a Profile Page for your company

FindTo add your company’s profile page to our database, you need to send us your details.

Extend your company’s existing Profile Page

ExtendAll companies and services begin with a profile page, but if you feel that isn’t enough, we can extend your profile to several pages, or even build a new website under the RoscreaOnline banner, thus giving your buriness the depth you require. For more information contact bking@roscreacu.ie

Place your logo on the RoscreaOnline homepage

PlacingFor the best exposure we offer the service of placing your logo on the homepage of our website, the first page all visitors to the site will see. Your logo will also provide the link to your website or profile page, while maintaining the accessibility of the RoscreaOnline website for visitors. For more information contact bking@roscreacu.ie

What are the benefits of becoming part of RoscreaOnline?

  • Coverage for your company in your own area, thereby maintaining a competitive advantage
  • A listing in the premier online directory of the area. Your business will be included in our searchable database by keyword listings and description. Your company profile & logo will be on display for all visitors
  • Your business is exposed to an international audience
  • Become part of an exciting new development in our region, as more and more people go online. you will be supporting what we believe to be a worthwhile cause.


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